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tailored advice

Marc likes to give personal advice on location, where the aim is to create an optimal connection between the interior, exterior and of course the user(s).

What kind of advice can you expect

  • Colour advice to freshen up your interior, to complement, or to reinforce contrasts.
  • Choice advice. Sometimes you can create more warmth by making small changes such as applying Lime wash paint. Due to the powdery structure of this paint, a completely different experience is created than when using normal paint. To get a good picture of this type of Lime wash paint, you should come to the shop and see for yourself the result.
  • add-on advice. Marc's is also a dealer in a range of fantastic interior fabrics, with which it is possible to make everything to measure such as window coverings, cushions, bedspreads, etc......
  • upholstery advice. For upholstering your cherished furniture, for example.
  • Style advice. Marc's is able to design interiors from minimalist to extravagant or contemporary.
  • Restyle advice. Restyling a house, building or room is also a possibility. How surprising it is to get a completely different energy in your own living environment, using your own belongings. Possible additions of items to complement or reinforce one another.



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9711 JA Groningen
The Netherlands

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