Het logo van Marcs in Groningen

Marc's has the tradition of transforming the shop into a true Christmas paradise for the last 3 months. The shop is ready on 1 October and is then open every day of the week until 31 December.

It is very busy then, it works like an extreme magnet for the people who come from far to admire the enormous collection & shop (about 1000 different designs).

Made by fantastic craftsmen who make mouth-blown glass ornaments which are then hand-painted. All working in one of the 12 beautiful family businesses. Some of them are generations old. There is even one company that is listed as protected on the World Heritage List.

I think it is important to honour this craft within Europe, which is why, since the start of my shop, I have been buying mainly from European companies. I know most of the owners and production facilities personally.

A small part of the collection is manufactured in Asia.

The Christmas collection is annually a huge colourful variety and starts @€3.50 and ends @€80.00.

There is something personal for everyone, from authentic, classic, timeless, hip, crazy, birth, for food lovers, etc...etc....

Everything is allowed, nothing is obliged. Sometimes ornaments give you a smile: (witch on broom Christmas ball nice gift for mother-in-law).

A Father Christmas in the bathtub, or fantastic birds on clip that have been painted extremely faithfully (great titmouse).

Over the top spikes, religious balls, old-fashioned reflector balls & mushrooms from our grandparents, Christmas tree chains made of glass beads, etc...etc....

Come and see it you will be amazed!