Het logo van Marcs in Groningen

Marc's supplies many types of furniture such as chairs, sofas, tables, chests of drawers, etc. from antique to new. One of the conditions for accepting a supplier is that everything must be adaptable. From the colour to the size of the furniture. Everything is made to order with care. Marc's is a small shop and sometimes we have an example of a piece of furniture. At the moment, for example, there is a beautiful armchair from a fantastic Belgian manufacturer to test. It is standard that you can choose the type of upholstery or adjust the seat to your own wishes. This even applies to the type of legs.

This manufacturer has beautiful designs.

A lot is possible in the field of furniture, but given the space not in the shop to find but to deliver.

For inspiration I usually go to the International Interior Fairs in Europe and beyond. Maison et Object in Paris is an example of this.

Here I gather a lot of information and discover beautiful interior brands for any future or current projects.