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About Marc

Marc Lange
Born in Groningen, 1972.

Grew up in a 1930s neighbourhood in Groningen, the Professorenbuurt. A beautiful neighbourhood with enormous gardens, parks and ponds. I got the necessary skills from the loving upbringing of my creative parents.

My parents have many interests in many things such as nature, culture, crafts, music, architecture, etc. During my childhood, I had fantastic holidays with always many sights to visit in the area. Untains mountain hicking, palaces, cathedrals, churches, museums visited.

Nature, flowers, architecture, colours, shapes, atmosphere have fascinated me from an early age.

As the only pupil in primary school I already knew what I wanted to be.


Lower horticultural school, flower art school (working & learning),

Master florist training (working & learning).

Master Florist training at HBO level in the same way as an art academy, photography, aesthetic education, composition and form theory, colour theory, flower art, painting, etcetera... 9 years of training, professional diploma including many internships, entrepreneurial diploma and the end result is that I have now my masters in floristry. erkend bloemsierkunstenaar mag noemen.

Enough education. Now it's time to get to work! First The Netherlands, but all the time I was attracted to foreign countries. After my first full-time job at Bloemen Mozaïek in Haren, I spread my wings and left.

First Athens Greece for a few months. Then Tokyo, Japan. What a great job. My job was a teacher in European floral art, for the elite and future professionals. Giving demonstrations. My biggest audience 600 people. Restyling shops, workshops, and working in different top florist shops (promotion French Parfums, Baccarat, etc.), magazine publication in Huis Den Bosch in Nagasaki for Dutch Promotion Center.

Fantastic 3 years working all over Japan, gained a lot of inspiration. Time to move on. Enough Eastern air. Now let's get some Western inspiration.

After a month of exploiring America, I arrived in my new home, New York. That was my favourite place after all.

In New York, I worked for a fantastic florist for two years and was allowed to make floral arrangements for the rich and famous. The location of the florist shop was in the Upper East Side. This is the neighbourhood in New York with the highest percentage of rich people per square metre. Budget no limit, fantastic buildings to transform with flowers for extravagant events, or private houses for weekly floral arrangements, events, etc. Money was vulgar to talk about! Wonderful to be able to work like this. A great city and workplace never to forget. So much culture, art, music, love for nature/floral arrangements, beautiful interiors, museums, etcetera. Indeed a city that never sleeps.

Time to admire the Dutch air again. A year ago I made flower arrangements in Haren, but I just couldn't let go of foreign countries. So I moved again and this time to England. What follows are 3 fine years in London with 3 jobs after which I spent most of my time at the last company. This was again a lot of fun. Once again I was allowed to make flower arrangements for the rich and famous, famous hotels, department stores, restaurants and private houses. Often budget no limit, wonderful to be able to make people happy with flowers. England has also taken a fine place in my memory. I still go there sometimes to decorate a wedding together with a former colleague of mine.

From London, in between, I decorated a wonderful extravagant wedding in the Dominican Republic for my old boss Bloemen Mozaïek in Haren. The three of us created an amazing sea of flowers. My time in London was over. I returned to Groningen and spent my last two years as an employee at Bloemen Mozaïek Haren. At the last minute, I went to the Dominican Republic to decorate a wedding a second time. But then the time was ripe to stand on my own two feet and choose to start my own business.

Marc's established October 2 in 2005.

Making people happy in their own environment, advising, optimising, supporting.

– Marc’s